Should you be missing a tooth, it is critically important that you have it replaced. Apart from the cosmetic drawback to missing a tooth, it could possibly also result in structural changes to your mouth and jaw bone, in addition to making it hard to eat or even talk effectively. Arrange a FREE consultation with Dr. Karami today to bring back your smile.

Broken Teeth

A chipped or cracked tooth can expose the sensitive parts of your teeth and lead to serious pain and even more serious damage. And, any tooth that is at risk of breaking or has actually fractured should be repaired as soon as possible, ideally with a crown or onlay restoration. Let us restore your smile back to normal.


When a large cavity or a fracture destroys large amounts of a tooth, instead of a large filling that further weakens the tooth, a crown offers excellent control in restoring the tooth to normal strength, size, shape and function. Large fillings, beyond weakening teeth and leading to further damage by tooth fracture, can often be quite difficult to place and shape so the restored tooth chews properly and fits against the gums and other teeth properly. Since crowns are fabricated outside the mouth by a skilled dental laboratory technician using a detailed prescription from our dental office, the crown can be precisely and accurately sculpted to best fit and function in your individual dental situation.

Dental Exams

A comprehensive dental examination is usually done by Dr. Karami, during your first dental appointment. This examination usually consists of an X-ray examination of all your teeth and tooth supporting bone. Often a panographic X-ray may be indicated to examine other mouth structures including the jaw joints.


Complete dentures replace all of the teeth, whereas a partial denture fills in the gaps caused by missing teeth and helps prevent other teeth from shifting position. If you have dentures and they fit poorly, call us to stabilize them or discuss our precision techniques to provide you with life like dentures and partial dentures customized to your individual situation.

Esthetic Dentistry

It is not uncommon for bonding or perhaps whitening to be with tooth re-shaping to create that dazzling smile you have always wanted. This treatment is perfect for patients having normal, healthy teeth but who would like slight changes to their smile.


Wisdom teeth extractions really are a common procedure for Highline Dental Care. Dr. Karami and his staff will give you the finest care by the best dentist in Denver.

Good Oral Hygiene Practices

Regular dental examinations by your Denver dentist, Dr. Karami, are very important for sustaining good oral hygiene and detecting possible problems, however they are not a “end-all” solution. Effective and consistent oral homecare must be performed every day to prevent future dental problems.


Dental implants may be considered to be artificial tooth roots, given that they emulate the scale and shape of a patient’s natural tooth. The implant or artificial root is put into your jawbone while under local sedation and subsequently allowed to heal and integrate within the bone. Call us for an implant consultation.

Inlays & Onlays

An inlay and an onlay restoration is a customized filling created from composite material, gold, or tooth-colored porcelain. They are produced by a qualified professional dental laboratory and are permanently cemented in the tooth by Dr. Karami.

Missing Teeth

Missing teeth occur for many reasons, the most common being neglect and the advanced decay or periodontal (gum) disease that is a result of neglect or from trauma. Teeth only do three things; we eat with them, we speak with them and they contribute to our self esteem by looking attractive. Serious problems result from missing teeth, especially multiple missing teeth, which involve digestion problems, whole body wellness, social interaction, and self-esteem and you need to consult with Dr. Karami.


We specialize in braces, Invisalign® and other teeth alignment procedures.

Pediatric Dentistry

Really young, pre-teens and adolescents all demand diverse techniques in addressing their conduct, directing their dental development and growth, and being able to help them prevent future dental problems. We can help meet all these needs!

Periodontal Disease

After we have diagnosed periodontal disease, we will consult with you regarding treatment options as well as proper homecare to decrease bone loss and reestablish the health of your gums. As your dentist, we want to make sure we keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Relaxation Dentistry

If you feel anxious before treatment, let us know if you’d like to try nitrous oxide to feel more relaxed during your next dental appointment. There are no long-lasting effects and it will also help children whose gag reflex or fears can interfere with proper dental treatment.

Root Canals

“Root canal” has become a distressing diagnosis for dental patients to hear, however the health benefits of the procedure combined with innovations in dental technology are making it significantly less “daunting”. Local anesthetics and appropriate pain prescription medication enable the procedure to be conducted with virtually no pain in most instances.

Teeth Whitening

Your smile one of the initial details you notice whenever you meet a person. A whiter, brighter smile is certainly lovely – it will help you think significantly better about yourself and create a memorable impression. Call us if you feel you need teeth whitening.

Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is usually an indication something is wrong. It usually does not disappear permanently. It is your body’s wakeup call that you need to seek dental care immediately. Call us and let us help find the root source of your pain.


Veneers are actually thin, semi-translucent “shells” generally fastened to your front teeth. They’re actually custom-made from porcelain material and permanently fused on your teeth and are a wonderful alternative option to otherwise painful and uncomfortable dental procedures to enhance the appearance of your smile.